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April 30 - May 4, 2013 Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Austin, TX, 2014

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The annual conferences of COGNA are the only avenue dedicated to bringing decision makers  from federal and state agencies, academia, and the public together to deliberate place naming principles, policies, procedures, and other aspects of toponymic issues.  Each year the  annual conference provides the primary forum for exchange of common-interest information with respect to the official designation of names for relevant geographic features and cultural entities within geographical areas over which the US-BGN and state authorities have responsibility.  The Domestic Names Committee of the US-BGN conducts a forum to provide information to the state authorities and to seek information from them.  State authorities, through their representatives and/or deputies, use the conference forum to seek information and/or advice from the US-BGN and associated federal agencies.  The forum provides the opportunity for COGNA to make recommendations to the US-BGN and/or associated federal and state agencies.  Members from academia and anyone with an interest in any aspect of geographic names are invited to present research papers and conduct workshops to diffuse geographic names knowledge.

The annual conference of COGNA is open to anyone with an interest in any aspect of geographic names.  In attendance at the conference are representatives, deputies, members and staff of state authorities, the US-BGN, other state and federal agencies; advisory groups; academia; and representatives from federal or state/province agencies of other countries.  The following items are included in each COGNA conference providing information for anyone with an interest in geographic names.

1. A meeting of the DNC, US-BGN
2. The State/Federal Round Table Workshop
3. A meeting of the hosting state’s geographic names authority
4. The annual business meeting of the Council
5. Toponymic workshops
6. Academic papers
7. Toponymic Tour

The expenses of COGNA and its annual conference are covered by income from conference fees, contributions, gifts, royalties, and/or grants from interested individuals or organizations.  It is our goal to have a representative from each State Geographic Names Authority attend the annual conference.  Unfortunately many of the States are unable to send representatives to the conference due to budgetary restraints.  In our efforts to meet COGNA's goals, we seek help from grantors and contributors to assist in providing funds, thus enabling representatives who need assistance to attend.  COGNA has no paid employees; all funds are used for meeting our goals.

See information for Grantors and Contributors 

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